11205609_10207406382105728_4244610459701097222_nYou may be wondering, “How am I supposed to get a student ID if I’m not a student?” Well, it’s quite easy with the internet these days. Before I get into that let’s talk about the perks of being a student. Saving money is the biggest obvious perk…free entrance to museums and 20-25% off some buses, trains, and ferries in Europe by having a European student ID. Well, what if you don’t live in Europe? No problem! All you need is an ID that could be from a European University. The second, lesser known perk is that if you get in trouble with a control officer in the metro or on a bus for not having a ticket you can simply hand them this ID and forget about the ticket they’re going to give you, just like I have done in several countries thus far. They might have my real name, but they have the wrong birth date and I belong to a university that doesn’t exist. Good luck getting money for that fine.
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The key is to not put a country on the ID when you make it (I’ll explain how to have one made later) and make it in a language you can speak. I had mine created in English and when they ask from what country am I from, I say Ireland. That way, I get all the perks and discounts a European student would get. I also chose to change the birth date to allow me to get the discounts that a person under the age of 26 would get. Keep in mind I can pull this off since I look quite young. Don’t try this if you’re a 45 yr old person with grey hair…it won’t work, but it would certainly be funny to watch you try it.
I cant count how much money I’ve saved thus far in my travels (I stopped counting at 500 Euro) but I can certainly say it’s already paid for itself and then some. I also can use the ID for discounts in other places besides Europe. In Egypt you get 50% off museums and historical sites and in Israel I’ve gotten discounts at parks and historical sites as well. I have not yet traveled to South East Asia so I can’t comment on that part of the world but I will be headed there soon so I can update this blog post at that time.
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Now, down to business…where can you go to have this ID made? No, you don’t have to hunt down that friend from high school and hope he or she still has a state-of-the-art laser printer.  Simply go to www.idcreator.com. Select the format and design you like and that looks good to you and start making your very own student ID. Don’t make one of an actual university as that could be problematic for you later down the line. Make up a school, add your photo (don’t put an expiration date on it because that would be dumb), add a hologram, pay for it including shipping and in a short time your new student ID will show up at your front door.
I also chose to make mine as funny looking as possible to see how much I could get away with, so in my photo I’m not wearing a shirt. What university would allow you to do such a thing? Maybe in California some of the bro-versities will allow this but no where that I know of. I also added a student ID number that is a famous phone number from a rock song called “Jenny” by Tommy Tutone…8675309. I laugh every time a control officer writes that down as my passport number and I’m truly shocked that this ID works as much as it does. If I were you I would make yours a little better looking than mine so you don’t encounter any problems along the way. Lastly, remember not to have this next to your passport or real identification card as that may get you into some trouble as well. Now you’re ready to start saving money on your next big adventure!
The ultimate traveling hack: How to get a student ID to save on travel even if your not a student
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